Yellow Cab Halifax
2756 Gladstone Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4W5

Yellow Cab is an award winning taxi company that has been an emblem of the Halifax Regional Municipality since 1962. Proudly winning the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Consumer Choice Award for “Best Taxi Service in HRM”, Yellow Cab understands how to excel in the taxi industry and provide customers with a superior service. The combination of knowledge, vision, and advanced taxi technology allows Yellow Cab to cater clients of all needs.

Our history is embedded deep within Nova Scotia’s roots.
In 1980, Yellow Cab purchased the historic Armdale Taxi – one of the oldest known taxi companies in Atlantic Canada (est.1932). Since then, Yellow Cab has continued to operate the Armdale brand to this day with majority of Armdales drivers working over 20 Years in the taxi industry! With the history of our company beginning as a single car fleet, Yellow Cab have grown to service over 1 million customers yearly, employee over 200 independently owned and operated taxi drivers, and become a leader in modernizing HRMs taxi industry.

With the taxis evolving, so has Yellow Cab. In August 2017, Yellow Cab began the process of upgrading the hardware and software our taxis use to service our customers. As a result, Yellow Cab is proud to have a technology profile that is unique to Halifax and the taxi industry within it. Providing customers a service that emphasizes on fast, safe, and reliable transportation is powered by the tools and resources Yellow Cab is proud to offer.

Given the nature of our operations, a strong part of our company’s mandate is to look for innovative ways to contribute towards the sustainable prosperity and economic growth of our Province. Decreasing our carbon footprint and investing in our Provinces sustainable future are initiatives Yellow Cab believes strongly in. This is why Yellow Cab proudly hosts every year the prestigious ‘Yellow Cab Cup’ golf event. All proceeds from this event are donated towards a charity that promotes sustainability within our province.

A lot has changed since we started servicing Halifax, but one thing certainly has not: People always need a cab!

● Yellow Cab begins servicing Halifax
● The Beatles first record is released—Love Me Do
● John Diefenbaker defeats Lester Pearson as Prime Minister
● The Beverly Hillbillies begins its 9 year run
● John Glenn orbits the earth
● Marilyn Munroe dies and Tom Cruise is born
● The Oscars are hosted by Frank Sinatra
● Lawrence of Arabia wins Best Picture
● 13 days in October become known as the Cuban Missile Crisis
● Johnny Carson begins as presenter for The Tonight Show
● Both K-mart and Wal-Mart open
● Johnny Bucyk leads the Boston Bruins in scoring
● Bob Dylan’s debut album is released